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If you want to play music on your webpage in a visually pleasing way that is compatible with different systems, the best option is with a Flash player. The problem is that many of the Flash players offered online take away from your design.

With Fun SoundPlayer Maker, you'll be able to download a multitud of templates that you can personalize so that they integrate perfectly with your website.

Using the app is as simple as choosing a template and adjusting the settings. You can change the color and automatic playback, and you can also pick the music you want to play. There's also an integrated sound recorder that you can use to record messages for visitors to your site.

Lastly, there are various export options, from automatically generating an HTML file with all necessary files to an SWF file with insertable HTML. There's also an option for advanced users: you can simply obtain the SWF and create the code for your site.

Fun SoundPlayer Maker is without a doubt a fast and elegant way to add sound effects to your website and make it more attractive.

The trial version includes a banner on created files.

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